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How Do You Ventilate A Conservatory Roof Once You’ve Insulated It?


Insulation is one of the best ways to improve the environment in your conservatory. With multi-foil insulation, you’re going to be enjoying a warmer conservatory space during the Winter, and a much cooler conservatory space during the Summer.

The drastic change to the conservatory space can cause some big questions to arise. One of the most important of these is: how do you ventilate a conservatory roof once you have insulated it?

All dwellings need to meet requirements for ventilation, and your conservatory is no different. Let’s get to the bottom of just why ventilation is so important, and how to make sure that your newly insulated conservatory is properly ventilated…

Why Does A Conservatory Need To Be Ventilated?

There are multiple reasons why you need to ventilate a conservatory roof before and after insulation, starting with damp prevention. Nobody wants harmful damp and mould in their home, but its going to be rife if your conservatory doesn’t have adequate ventilation.

Damp can occur when the warm air in your home interacts with the cold air and surfaces in your conservatory. With the right ventilation, the warm air has somewhere to go, so it’s less likely to cause condensation to appear on your conservatory walls, ceiling, and windows.

Ventilation also improves the environment in your conservatory, both in terms of temperature regulation and quality of air. If warm air is left to linger and go stale, then not only is the room going to be unpleasant to be in, but the quality of the air is going to be poor.

How Do You Effectively Ventilate A Conservatory?

When ventilating a conservatory, you need to remember that warm air rises. This means that opening your doors or windows every now and again is not going to be enough if your conservatory roof does not have the right ventilation.

That being said, the revolutionary new multi-foil insulation has you fully covered with a complete vapour barrier.

This means that ventilating a conservatory roof after insulating it, really is just a case of allowing fresh air into the room, and perhaps helping with circulation a little with a portable fan on very hot days.

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Why Doesn’t More Need To Be Done To Ventilate The Space?

It may come as a surprise just how little needs to be done to ensure a perfect conservatory environment after insulation has been installed.

However, that is just what this remarkable type of insulation is designed to deliver. With multi-foil insulation, the secret is all in the layers:

Layer 1: True Aluminium Foil

This layer is perfectly designed to reduce the amount of heat that is lost in your conservatory.

The layer deflects radiant heat, helping you to keep heat in your conservatory during the Winter, and keep it out during the Summer – an excellent layer for energy conservation!

Layer 2: Poly Foil Barrier

Thanks to the poly foil barrier, your new insulation is completely airtight. When you’re enjoying a toasty warm Winter evening in your conservatory, this layer is partly to thank.

Layer 3: Thermowadding Membrane

Working in conjunction with the poly foil barrier, the Thermowadding Membrane layer seriously helps to stop radiant energy conduction.

The unique air pockets in this layer are essential for the superb end result.

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Complete Vapour Control That Drives Out Damp

The impressive vapour control is what really makes multi-foil insulation stand out when it comes to ventilating a conservatory. With the incredible vapour control that multi-foil insulation provides, damp problems and irritating and potentially harmful mould becomes a thing of the past.

Once everything has been fully sealed up with Thermaseal Insulation Tape, (and of course covered with a stylish and neutral covering), your new insulation is ready to go.

The overall finish is going to make sure the room is ventilated, but also make the space much warmer and more pleasant to spend time in.

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