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Best Glass For Conservatory Roof: Key Factors To Consider


One of the biggest decisions that you’ll need to make about your new conservatory, or when updating an existing conservatory, is the type of roof that you use.

Amongst the vast range of roofing materials available for conservatories, glass is one of the most popular. A glass roof can be a breath-taking addition, but choosing the glass itself, can be a tricky task.

The glazing on your conservatory roof, and additional features of the glass, are going to go a long way to determining just how well your conservatory will stand up to the elements.

Without a strong and well-designed roof, a conservatory can very quickly become exposed to a world of problems. This includes: the appearance of leaks, along with mould and poor air quality.

To help you get the most out of your conservatory, we’ve explore the key factors that you need to consider when choosing a glass roof, and take a look at the best glass for conservatory roof systems on offer…

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Conservatory Roof Glass Types: What Are My Options?

There are three main glazing types that you can choose from for your conservatory roof: single glazing, double glazing, and triple glazing.

Single glazing is the most traditional option, but its poor performance in most areas means that it’s often not considered to be the best glass type for conservatory roofing.

Since modern double glazing was invented in 1930, it has become a very popular option; it’s low maintenance, strong, and more energy efficient than single glazing.

However, in current times, the most modern and effective choice is triple glazing. With triple glazing, you get the extra layer of glass and filled cavity, for increased performance.

However, as glazing has developed, more and more speciality glazing types have appeared on the market. For the best glass conservatory roofing, these are certainly well worth considering.

Some of the most common modern glazing types, include:

  • Energy Efficient Glass: This glass type is designed to allow heat to enter the conservatory, but reduce the amount of heat that can escape from the conservatory.
  • Self-Cleaning Glass: Self-cleaning glass has been created with a photocatalytic layer than breaks down dirt on the glass, and reduces maintenance requirements.
  • Toughened Safety Glass: Stronger than standard glass, toughened safety glass is designed to shatter into tiny pieces when broken, not into dangerous shards.

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Choosing A Glass Roof: Key Points To Consider

A conservatory that is built to last, should have a roof that can withstand fluctuating temperatures, and every day wear and tear.

There are three big considerations that you need to look at when choosing a glass roof: energy efficiency, maintenance, and strength. Let’s explore each one in a little more detail…

Key Consideration No.1: Energy Efficiency Ratings

Everyone wants their home to be energy efficient. An energy efficient home costs less to heat and is much better equipped to handle both warm weather and cold weather.

For optimum energy efficiency in your conservatory, the roofing material is of the upmost importance.

Key Consideration No.2: Ease Of Maintenance

A low maintenance roof will drastically reduce the time you need to spend cleaning and looking after your roof.

Many modern systems are designed to ease the responsibility of keeping your roof in top notch condition.

Key Consideration No.3: Overall Strength

No two glass types are built exactly the same. A conservatory roof needs to be strong and durable if you want your conservatory to last for years.

On top of these key glass considerations, it’s vital to consider the temperature control that you’ll need in your conservatory to cope with the downsides of glass conservatory roofing.

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Controlling the Downside of Glass Conservatory Roofing

The benefits of choosing high-quality glass for a conservatory roof are plentiful, but there are also some downsides as well.

Glass conservatory roofing is prone to excessive temperature fluctuation. This is why a conservatory can become freezing cold in the Winter, and boiling hot in the Summer.

With the freezing UK Winters, and Summers that can go from burning hot to downcast in the space of a few hours, a conservatory roof needs extra consideration.

A key part of choosing the best glass for conservatory roofing systems, is controlling the temperature inside. To do this, conservatory insulation is essential.

Take Back Control Of Temperature With Conservatory Insulation

When you install conservatory roof insulation, you’re better enabling your conservatory to preserve the heat that is inside. This stops a conservatory being cold in the Winter, when heat is normally very quickly lost through the roof.

The extra insulation also prevents the conservatory becoming too hot to use in the Summer. Sun glare is eliminated, and the light levels in your conservatory can be better controlled.

The insulation, designed with multiple layers of high-quality insulation material, can ensure that the glass roof on your conservatory looks good, but doesn’t cause the conservatory temperature to become unbearable.

Top DIY Tips For Temperature Control

With conservatory insulation, you can regain control over temperature extremes, but there are also other ways to control that temperature – ensuring that your conservatory is always offering an unrivalled level of comfort.

Take a look at our four DIY top tips to controlling your conservatory temperature:

• Stay on top of draughts and make sure they are blocked!
• Consider underfloor heating or rugs for the floor.
• Cover your windows with blinds or drapes.
• Bring some extra comfort and warmth into your conservatory space with soft furnishings and cosy blankets.

Choosing a glass roof for your conservatory can deliver that ultimate wow factor. With a few careful extra considerations, like insulation for the roof, you can enable your glass roof room to shine without worry over temperature fluctuations!

If you’re considering making an investment in a new conservatory roof, or you want to get the most back from your space with conservatory insulation, get in touch with our team today by calling 0800 1700 636, or simply clicking the button below!

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